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Movement Masterclass

A collaboration masterclass, run by choreographer Miriam King and hula hooper Chi Chi Revolver, exploring new ways to approach hoop dance. Designed for people with hula hoop experience. Separate to this event I will be running a 5 week beginner hula hoop course starting in May.


This is a workshop, not to perfect a trick or routine, yet the opportunity 'to play', to escape the restrictions of right or wrong. This playful yet focused session through tasks, games and suggestions, will invite the participant to free up, be in the moment, allowing space to listen and to respond to what the body 'needs', rather than what the head 'requests'.


Miriam King is an independent Choreographer, Dancer and Live Artist. After graduating with a BA (Hons.) Degree in Fine Art and Theatre, she commenced her professional performance career in 1984. This moved from theatre through to dance, working with the visual image through the medium of Butoh-inspired movement, Live Art & Film.


Chi Chi Revolver is a Guinness world record holding hula hooper. With a background in circus, starting performing at the young age of three. Chi Chi is now a full time professional hula hooper performing at shows and cabarets across the country and world.


This unique workshop will combine Chi Chis skill and hoop knowledge with Miriam Kings extensive movement and body awareness techniques.


bookings can be made HERE

Any questions please phone or email 07773935688


Tues April 29th 7:00pm-8:30pm £10