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Fun and Frolics with La Bordello Boheme!

By chichirevolver, Jun 22 2012 12:17PM

Wednesday and Thursday i was back with my girls! The amazing Veronica Blacklace and Billie Rae, la bordello boheme have lots of shows over the 4 weeks at the Brickhouse in London. It was like being back in New York again (in more ways than one, eh ladies! lol!) we had so many giggles backstage! I have a new costume which is just a penis on a c string! And i debuted it to a shocked audience on Wednesday night. On Thursday i nearly made to poor women in the front row choke on their salad! ha ha it was very funny indeed. Thursday we were joined by the fabulous Ed Muir and his stunning pole routine. He also brought his whip act and used Veronica as the assistant! It was very funny watching her get an apple whipped from her mouth! Ever the professionals we also spent most of the evenings trying to put each other off when someone was performing. There is a balcony where you cant be seen from the audience, you can only be seen from the stage. From here we would dance about and flash our bums or mock blow jobs on my fake willy to try and make the performer laugh...

I'm not up there again until the middle of next week and i cant wait!

Here are some photos of our fun and frolics! :)

Chi Chi <3

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